Author: Andrea Piga

Sulcis Iglesiente is a vast territory to explore that will surely impress you in every season with its centuries-old history, breath-taking natural sceneries and mouth-watering flavours. Besides the area’s well renowned mining archaeological attractions , you won’t want to miss the best beaches you can reach in a short drive from Gonnesa. “Sea” in this area means white sands and cobalt waters, soft dunes, sheer cliffs and intimate deserted coves. This article presents my selection of 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Sulcis Iglesiente. An exhaustive list is certainly longer, but we had to start somewhere. Continue reading

After Porto Flavia and Pan di Zucchero, I want to introduce you to another must-see attraction not far from our B&B Domus de Janas. This is the Roman and Punic temple of Antas, whose remains appear in good conditions as if challenging the unrelenting passage of time. From a historical point of view, this temple bears witness to the different civilizations that have followed one another in this corner of Sardinia, from the Nuragic to the Punic and the Romans. Continue reading


Some attractions should deserve more attention, but their unhappy position or perhaps a poor (if not absent) promotion can be detrimental. This is the case for Porto Flavia, which together with Pan di Zucchero represent an exceptional destination for anyone traveling to Sardinia, and especially in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. Continue reading