5 must-see beaches in Sulcis Iglesiente


5 must-see beaches in Sulcis Iglesiente

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Sulcis Iglesiente is a vast territory to explore that will surely impress you in every season with its centuries-old history, breath-taking natural sceneries and mouth-watering flavours. Besides the area’s well renowned mining archaeological attractions , you won’t want to miss the best beaches you can reach in a short drive from Gonnesa. “Sea” in this area means white sands and cobalt waters, soft dunes, sheer cliffs and intimate deserted coves. This article presents my selection of 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Sulcis Iglesiente. An exhaustive list is certainly longer, but we had to start somewhere.




  • Fontanamare (Gonnesa)

Let’s start playing Gonnesa’s ace card, one of the largest beaches in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias: Fontanamare.

Fontanamare has 3 kilometres of thin pinkish sand, behind which are the mountains of Sulcis and an evergreen pine forest. Walking on the seashore you can come across the remains of a mining port and of several military fortifications. Exposed to the mistral, and free from the dangers of rocks, it is one of the most popular destinations for surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers.



  • Portixeddu (Buggerru)

Located in the far north of the Iglesiente coast, just above San Nicolò. The beach is long more than 2 kilometers and is formed by a very fine ochre sand of granite quartz, which presents a pleasant peculiarity: it does not stick to your body. Portixeddu is a wild and fascinating beach, with crystal clear waters and a low and sandy bottom, perfect for long walks.


  • Cala Domestica (Buggerru)

Going south from Buggerru, another must for all sea lovers: Cala Domestica. This is a cove of fine sand, rocks and gravel, surrounded by beautiful dunes and Mediterranean maquis shrubland. Known as a former mining area, it presents the ruins of old warehouses and deposits, but also mysterious galleries that lead to hidden coves. Heaven to underwater fishermen, Cala Domestica can be easily reached along the route SS 83.

Cala Domestica

  • Masua (Iglesias)

Pan di Zucchero is an impressing limestone cliff, symbol of the Iglesiente coast. To observe it in all its beauty, I strongly recommend you lie down on the beach in Masua and enjoy the view. The steps leading to the sandy shore reveal a breath-taking view, one of the most evocative views of the whole of Sardinia.


  • Porto Pino (Sant’Anna Arresi)

Let’s finish our journey going south, in Sant’Anna Arresi. Porto Pino will surprise you with its wonderful, high dunes, and a fairy-tale landscape made of intense colors and unspoiled nature. The crystal-clear sea and the white beach make Porto Pino one of the favourite destinations for local bathers and for tourists. Although in the peak season you might have to jump through hoops to find some space, the natural show is surely worth all of your efforts.

Dune Porto Pino